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Pain Management Student Success Story

The story and audio below is from Traci Patterson, Traci is a true hypnosis success story.

If you remember my Email “Why I do Pain Management” Traci suffered from intense chronic pain issues.

She came to me as a last resort. Working together she was able to see incredible results. Far beyond what she had previously imagined.

So much so Traci decided to become and NGH certified hypnotist (I was lucky enough to be her instructor), then she wanted to become certified in Pain Management (once again I was lucky enough)

As you will see below Traci’s career has taken a life of it’s own.

She is off and running helping people achieve comfort levels they haven’t found any other way.

The audio below is Traci’s 1st out of town client calling into Traci’s husbands radio show about her success in increased comfort levels.


Traci’s 1st out of town client


I was given an interesting and wonderful surprise last night that I would like to share with you. I had mentioned to you that I was working with my 1 st full week, out of town client – during this week.

She arrived this week on Tuesday morning and we started working together.  She actually heard my story through my husband’s radio show.

Traci Patterson, Owner, Advanced Pathways Hypnosis www.AdvancedPathways.com

Comfort Level Zero

Although we had been able to get her comfort level’s down on Wednesday, by the time she got back to her hotel room (as she didn’t book one my recommended hotels that were close…) she got lost, frustrated, anxious and her comfort levels went from extremely low to a 4-5 that night.

Then yesterday, we worked on the trigger, self-talk and self-hypnosis in session… in addition to other things to keep her from hitting that situation again. We got her to a ZERO yesterday for the 1st time in over 30 years!

2013 NGH Convention Teleseminars List

2013 NGH Convention Teleseminars

The NGH 2013 convention was a great one and we here at Healthy Visions are gearing up for 2014 where Ron Eslinger will be giving a Pre-convention course on Pain Management.

2013 NGH Convention was a great year for speakers, below is a list of some of them and what they spoke about.

Paul Ramsay – Google Hangouts Part 1

Gerald Kein – Working With Groups Could Be A Full Time Career!

Jerry Valley and Tommy Vee – Ultimate Stage Hypnosis

Devin Hastings – New Answers for Diabetes

Mary Elizabeth Raines – Guided Imagery Intro

Paul Ramsay – Google Hangouts Part 2

Bob Reese – Sport Hypnosis

Debbie Papadakis – Unlock The Door To Sleep Improvement

Lisa Halpin – Learn About Becoming A HypnoCoach

Chuck Mignosa – The Hypnotic Techniques of Ormond McGill

John Weir – Learn About Becoming A Certified Golf Specialist

Karen Paolino Correio – Soul Entrainment

David Quigley – Past Life Regression Intro

H. Larry Elman – The Best Practices Of Dave Elman

Marcel Klasen – Chakra Hypnosis

Thomas Nicoli – Proven D.E.P.T.H. Model For Weight Loss Success

Lynsi Eastburn – Hypnosis For Fertility

Marilyn Gordon – The Power Of Spiritual Hypnosis

Seth-Deborah Roth – Medical Hypnosis Fundamentals

Arthur Leidecker – Neuro-Subliminal Communication

Joann Abrahamsen – A World of Inductions!

Anthony DeMarco – Imaginary Gastric Band Surgery For Weight Loss

Replay available: William Horton – A Discussion On NLP Training www.budurl.com/horton2013

Replay available: Ron Eslinger – Pain Management – www.budurl.com/eslinger2013

Replay available: Drake Eastburn – Don’t Weight Any Longer – www.budurl.com/drake2013

Jacob Bimblich – Smoking Cessation

Ines Simpson and Theodore Robinson – THE SIMPSON PROTOCOL- The NEW Paradigm In Hypnosis

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The Veteran Next Door WNOX on PRSD with Ron Eslinger

What Kids Wish Their Parents Knew About Them

What Kids Wish Their Parents Knew About Them:

This presentation will help you better communicate with your children.

This will certainly help you understand children during the holidays.

resented by Mike Thompson

Ron Eslinger has some great materials to help parents and professionals work with children using hypnosis.

Hypnosis and Children