Eye lock Convincer

A Ron Eslinger Hypnosis Script

At the end of the hypnosis induction, you can add the Eye Lock convincer. I simply say that I am now going to count to three and when I get to the number three, your eyelids will be so relaxed that no matter how hard you try to open them you will not be able to open them. To open your eyes you will have to take the relaxation away. A muscle needs tension in order to move. You control the relaxation in your eyelids. One, with every breath you take your eyelids become more relaxed. Two, with every sound of my voice your eyelids become more and more relaxed. Three, you can try to open your eyes but as long as you leave them relaxed they will not open.

Wonderful, now take that relaxation from your eyelids all the way down to each and every part of your body. Only you know what relaxation feels like to you, so only you can create that relaxation. I wonder just how relaxed you will allow yourself to become?

  • At this point, you can add a deepening technique i.e. as I count back from 5 you will go deeper and deeper.
  • Use the information you received concerning their most relaxing place or vacation spot to start the guided imagery segment of the session i.e. beach, mountains, fishing or reading, weaving in suggestions toward achieving their goal.
  • Use metaphors to drive home your suggestions and to give imbedded suggestions to the subconscious i.e. colors, pounds melting away in the same manner the flickering flame melts away the wax of a candle.
  • Suggestion for the behavior they want to change keeping in mind that behavioral change suggestions can be incorporated through the induction, guided imagery, deepening and emergence.
  • I have included some basic scripts. There are thousands available from many different script writers.  However, keep in mind that the best and most appropriate powerful scripts are in the client.  A good interview will give you all the information you need to help your client be successful.

Proper Breath

This should be taught to every client and used as an anchor between sessions – great to teach as a takeaway when you do a talk for service organizations

Ask the client to take a very deep breath. After they let it out have them notice how they stiffened up their chest, their neck and many will bite down clinching their jaw and not be aware of it.

Next tell them to just gently push out their stomach and notice how they automatically suck air into their lungs. The reason for this is the negative pressure created when they push out their stomach.  The diaphragm drops down creating a negative pressure in the chest, which automatically expands the lungs, sucking in air.

Explain that the lungs have five lobes and that when many people take a very deep breath they actually only bring air into the two upper lobes of the lungs.  The reason is because they are pulling their stomach in rather than letting it push out, creating more space.  Let them know that the two lower lobes of the lungs have more blood vessels; therefore more oxygen can get into the tissues.

Oxygen is relaxing and healing and allows a major decrease in stress.

It is also important to explain that the Vegas nerve runs through the diaphragm.  And when the diaphragm is hyper stretched it activates the Vegas nerve which stimulate anti-stress hormones.

So by taking a deep breath this way at least once an hour, changes their stress response.

The best way to do this is to breathe in for a count of three, hold the breath three counts and breathe out for six counts and to do that hourly.  Also find some time in the day when they can take ten breaths in that manner.  This type of breathing is a major component of a client success.

This is so important I never do a session without explaining this and having the client do the breath 3 times as they are closing their eyes prior to starting their induction.

I demonstrated by having them put their hand on their abdomen and gently using the abdomen to push their hand out.

Generic Hypnosis Script

By Ron Eslinger

This hypnosis script can be used for any problem by simply adding an appropriate suggestion in the Blank

Now that you _________________ (i.e. eat properly and sparingly), every day you become physically stronger and more fit.  You become more alert, more wide-awake, and more energetic.

Every day you become so deeply interested in whatever you are doing, so deeply interested in whatever is going on that your mind will become much less preoccupied with______________ and you will become much less conscious of yourself and your own feelings towards _______.

You may be surprised now that you _______ that every day your nerves will become stronger and steadier.  Your mind will become calmer and clearer, more composed, more placid and more tranquil.

Because you _______you will be able to think more clearly. You will be able to concentrate more easily, your memory will improve and you will be able to see things in their true perspective, without allowing them to get out of proportion.

Every day you will become emotionally much calmer, much more settled, much more tranquil because you have decided to _____________________.

Every day you will feel a greater feeling of personal wellbeing, a greater feeling of personal safety and security, more than you have felt in a long, long time because you __________.

Now that  you decided to _______ you become, and you remain, more and more completely relaxed and more tranquil, both mentally and physically, even when you are on your own.  As you become, and as you remain more relaxed and more tranquil each day, you will develop much more confidence in yourself, much more confidence in your ability to do, not only what you have to do each day, but much more confidence in your ability to do whatever you ought to be able to do, and to do it optimistically, happily and confidently.

Because you made the decision to ___________ every day you will feel more and more independent, more able to stick up for yourself, to stand on your own feet, to hold your own, no matter how difficult or trying things may be.

I wonder how surprised you will be that because you decided to ________ that all these things will begin to happen – exactly as I tell you they will happen, you will begin to feel much happier, much more content.  You will feel much more cheerful, much more optimistic, and every day you will do better and better.

The Lemon Convincer

Here is a script I often use when doing the Lemon Convincer

If you don’t mind let your eyes gently close as you take in a nice abdominal breath.

Imagine or pretend that you’re at home in your kitchen.

Look around the room and pay attention to the sounds the sights and the light.

Listen for the hummm of the refrigerator…

Walk over to the refrigerator and as you do pay attention to your footsteps as you walk across the floor …you may or you may not hear your steps on the floor.

Open the door to the refrigerator… feel the cool air as it spills out onto your body.

Hear that hiss as the vacuum releases as you open the door… now today whether you normally have one or not today there’s a lemon in your refrigerator…

Look at the lemon… pay attention to its color as you reach in and take the lemon.

Notice the texture, the temperature, the size and the shape.  Now take the lemon over to a place where you would normally cut up fruits or vegetables…

Take out your favorite knife… now slice the lemon… you may slice it lengthwise from end to end or down the center.  If you sliced from end to end then make a second slice creating a wedge. If you sliced it down the center make another slice creating a ring and then cut the ring in half…

You may have noticed the juice as it oozes out on the cutting area … reach down and take either the wedge or the half ring and bring it up and smell the fragrance…you may notice memories being created…

Now open your mouth and take a big bite into that lemon.  Feel and taste the juice as it squirts on your teeth and on your tongue… experience the increased salivation and notice the tart and tangy feeling at the corners of your jaw.  Now swallow the lemon juice.

Open your eyes.  What did you notice? What did you experience?  What senses were stimulated?

Increased salivation was a biochemical, physiological response from a thought and every thought that you have creates some type of biochemical, physiological response in some part of your body.   What the mind possesses the body expresses.

Cognitive State of Critical Thinking

Do you know the time?

To ask a person if they know the time is to place them into a cognitive state of critical thinking.  To evaluate and to be critical we need a reference point or base line for comparison.

In the Beta Cycles Per Second brain wave speed the question,

“Do you know the time,”

Will start a mental Google search for a past experiences to base their answer on.

Because the question in its literal form has a YES or NO answer the person answering the question who actually tells you the time has moved from literal reality to critiquing and evaluating.

They then give you their answer according to their perception of what they thought you wanted.

The purpose to the question and the demonstration is to let a person know that when not in hypnosis their conscious mind is a filter controlled by past experiences.

To change behaviors in the present one must be able to filter out past behaviors, past traumas, past hurts, past pain and create a new history of what they want, not what they do not want.

One of the reasons Hypnosis is so powerful is because it is a door that can help a person who is willing to let go of the baggage of the past that are affecting them in the present.

The question is

“Do you know the time?”

The client tells you the time.

You ask,

“Why did you tell me the Time I did not ask you to?”

The answer to the question is a yes or no.  What you did was go back in time and give me the answer you thought I wanted from your past experiences.

You responded to your perception based on past experiences. To change your current behavior we will work on you letting go of the baggage of the past and the perceptions you have about smoking, weight, pain, etc…


Hypnosis Script: Pain to Comfort

By Ron Eslinger

After your induction:

With every breath that you take in allow yourself to relax more deeply and as you continue to focus on the sound of my voice you can also focus on getting a sense of control over yourself… your thoughts… your feelings… your body…

Let me remind you that what matters most right now is getting your thoughts together and and letting go of past events… and focus on a thought of  calmness and what changes in your life as comfortable becomes of who you are. There have been times in your life when yoiu were comfortable and it is OK to be comfortable now.  Only you can make that choice.

I wonder if you’ll decide to create this coolness throughout your body or if your decision will be to just allow yourself to be comfortably calm.  In all probability you will determine what you create and what you feel within your body.

One of the first things you can become aware of… is the fact that only you are aware at this time of what your comfort level is… but as I speak and as you create within your mind different thoughts and different images of how you want to feel… I would like you to appreciate the fact that through your thoughts you are in control of your mind and of your body.  Therefore, the more you focus your thoughts on my voice… the more you will have control over how comfortable you choose to be.

I wonder if you’ll be reminded of a time… a time in your past when you were aware… of how comfortable your body could be.  Perhaps even now you’re beginning to notice either heaviness or a lightness of your body… and I wonder just how you will experience the coolness and the calmness that I mentioned earlier.

I wonder if you have begun to notice yet… that your body is becoming more relaxed… and I wonder which is more relaxed your left side or your right side… your left side over there your right side over here… and that area which in the past was uncomfortable… is it there, is it here… is it close?  Is it far?

I can remember looking through binoculars and seeing how large things would become. I wonder if you noticed that when you think of that place of discomfort that it is like looking through binoculars.  It gets so big… so close… almost as if it is right up on you… yet… I wonder how surprised you will be when you discover that if you turn those binoculars around… how distant… how far away… how tiny… what you’re looking at becomes.

I wonder if you can imagine or just pretend… maybe even… role-play as if you are a child… turning the binoculars around looking through the big end and seeing how distant… how tiny that area of discomfort becomes when you look at it in a totally and completely different way.

I would like for you to imagine now that your feet are like vacuums… and they begin to suck up into your body… starting at the ankles and the lower part of your legs… then up into your knees… and into your thighs… every cell is filling with this cool orange colored magnetic liquid… now moving into your hips… into your pelvic area and into your abdomen… all the organs all the cells of your abdomen… and now it flows into your lungs and into your chest and I wonder how surprised you will be to discover how easily it is to breathe with your lungs filled with this cool orange colored magnetic liquid.

Now I know and I know that you know… that there are areas of your body that something warm would be more pleasing than coolness… therefore, it is OK to replace the coolness in those areas with a sense of warmth… that’s right… you’re doing so very well allowing every breath to continue to allow you to drift gently and peacefully into this wonderful state of hypnotic rest.

And now as the chest continues to feel that warm or cool orange colored liquid… that  magnetic liquid… it begins to flow over into your arms… from your fingertips all the way up to your shoulders… every cell, every vessel, every part of your body now from your neck down fills with this warm or cool orange colored liquid… this magnetic liquid.

I wonder what you will discover… as this cool orange colored magnetic liquid fills your head… all of your head… your ears… your eyes… your sinuses… and even your brain.

It may be that you are already aware… of how this coolness… of how this orange colored magnetic liquid… has already begun creating comfort and calmness.

I am sure that you are aware of what magnets do… and I think you’re going to enjoy being surprised to discover that it’s OK …to allow that magnetic orange liquid… to pull from every cell… the anxiety… the tension… and the discomforts that are located there… YOU… are worthy of allowing yourself the comfort that comes from letting this amazing orange colored magnetic liquid… this cool and soothing liquid… to pull from every cell of your body anxiety, tension and discomfort.

You have the right to be comfortable… allow every cell now to remember what normal feels like… I wonder how surprised you will be… when you think back to a time… a time in your past… when you can remember being able to do the things you like to do…

I wonder just what that thing may be… only you know if it’s a sport…a hobby or even your job.  It really doesn’t matter what it is … all that matters is that you allow your thoughts… allow your memories to focus on that time in your past.  I’ll give you a few moments now to focus on that time… that happy memory… that comfortable memory…

So that you can imprint that memory on every cell of your body and… and as you do so feel that cool or warm orange colored magnetic liquid which continues to pull from every cell… the anxiety… the tension… and the discomfort so that you can replace those uncomfortable memories with the memories of comfort… serenity…and  tranquility in every cell.

Do that now while I’m silent as you go deeper and deeper… (just a few moments of silences).

Wonderful… I am so proud of how well you’re doing… now allow your fingers and your toes to be like water faucets… open them up and allow that cool or warm orange colored magnetic

liquid to drain from your body… leaving behind cells that are restored with comfortable… relaxed… calm… and peaceful feelings.

Now each and every cell of your body knows what normal is. I wonder how surprised you are to discover how wonderful it feels to remember what normal is… what comfort is.

It is OK now to let go and to enjoy the fact that you have the right and that you are worthy of feeling your best.

It is OK to let go of guilt…just let it go.

Allow yourself to have forgiveness for yourself and others.

(And Continue with the suggestions for self-hypnosis at home and emerge now in whatever method you as the hypnotist prefer to use)

Emerge debrief and then:

Do second induction (Let this be a Self-Induction using the anchor from above)

This hypnosis induction as session will be short using the following:

×          Add Guided imagery to see self, as free and comfortable

×          Imagining a day with healthy eating and water drinking with comfortable physical activity

×          Metaphor – In the past you have seen this discomfort like looking through a pair of binoculars so close… so big… so in the way…Turn the binoculars around and look through the big ends. Isn’t it amazing at how far away…how small… how insignificant the discomfort is…  Now turn the binoculars around again and see how big the comfort is how wonderful you feel.

Discuss what will change in their life when their discomfort is 2-4 points less on average.

Teach second step in self-hypnosis and give them handout listed below.

Have them practice self-hypnosis while you complete paper work.

Hypnosis Script: Stop Smoking

This hypnosis script is to be used after induction:

As a result of this deep hypnotic rest…and because you have given up cigarettes – stopped smoking – YOU are going to feel physically STRONGER and FITTER in every way.

Because you gave up that filthy nasty habit your blood flows more smoothly free of carbon 
monoxide… You will feel MORE alert MORE wide awake MORE energetic because you have given up that filthy, nasty, stinky habit of cigarettes.

You will become MUCH less easily tired because you quit smoking… MUCH less easily fatigued because tobacco is no longer a part of your life… MUCH less easily discouraged because you decided to quit… You are MUCH less easily depressed because you quit 
smoking.. EVERY DAY you become SO DEEPLY interested in whatever you are doing 
you do not think about cigarettes.

Your mind will become COMPLETELY DISTRACTED AWAY FROM YOURSELF of ever having been a smoker… you NO LONGER think nearly so much about yourself as a smoker, you quit, you had your last cigarette at ____(time)_____________today…you NO LONGER dwell nearly so much upon yourself and cigarettes your difficulties in the past with cigarettes and you are now MUCH LESS conscious of yourself as a smoker…

You are MUCH LESS pre-occupied with yourself and with your own feelings towards cigarettes. You quit. You quit. You told me you had your last cigarette at ________ today.

You respect your body. You respect yourself. You are free of tobacco in every form.

EVERY DAY your nerves are STRONGER AND STEADIER because you had your last cigarette at __________today. Your mind is clearer more composed more placid more tranquil because you had your last cigarette… your mind and body free of cigarette 
toxins… You no longer feel your lungs with the poison from killing tobacco.

You are MUCH LESS easily worried because you are taking care of your health as a non-smoker… MUCH LESS easily agitated because tobacco which is a stimulant is no longer a part of your life… MUCH LESS fearful and apprehensive because… you know that you will
live longer, healthier and happier because you quit that filthy, nasty, stinky 
poisonous habit… MUCH LESS easily upset.

You can insert the client’s personal needs and information into any script. However, simply reading a script is not as powerful and as successful as creating a script from the 
client’s needs and beliefs.

Ron Eslinger offers a complete Smoking Cessation Workshop for Professionals to use in helping others stop smoking.

Or for those interested in quitting smoking using self hypnosis: